The Xcell Pure Medical Skincare range is all about achieving results.

Science meets nature, working in synergy with the skin where natural ingredients can penetrate without sensitivity issues. The Xcell Pure Medical skincare range was developed in partnership by top researches in the United States and New Zealand, incorporating the most active ingredients.

The Xcell Pure Medical Skincare range of products are:

♦ Formulated with the highest quality and concentrations of pure naturally derived botanicals and high performance cosmeceutical correctives.
♦ Formulated with certified organic ingredients wherever possible
♦Chirally correct for maximum results without unnecessary irritation or trauma
♦ Free of propylene glycol
♦ Free of mineral oils
♦ Free of parabens
♦ Free of artificial fragrances, preservatives and colours
♦ FDA and USDA Approved

Xcell | Our Story

Jody Burke helped create Xcell Pure Medical Skincare range along with one of America’s top lab’s. With many years of research, development, and combined passion to bring clients outstanding results and professional treatments designed to treat any skin type and skin condition, Xcell Pure Medical Skincare was developed.

Jody works closely with this leading lab in the United States using the most potent, concentrated, active medical grade ingredients that are chirally correct. This laboratory has been serving the Health and Skincare industry since 1989 by providing development and manufacturing services to renowned skincare leaders and physicians.

Xcell Pure Medical Skincare pushes the boundaries of medical skincare, product by product, treatment by treatment. The brand’s philosophy is and always will be “It’s All About Results!”.

What Jody Burke says about the Xcell Pure Medical Skincare range. “It’s not something that’s just been formulated and pushed out to market. A lot has happened behind the scenes, years of work sampling and refining new ingredients to finally have a product that we at About Skin NZ Ltd believe in.”

Using innovated ingredients such as Iconic A (medical strength retinaldehyde), a Vitamin A is crucial for skin repair and increased collagen production. Included in the Xcell Pure Medical Skincare care product ranks is the Illuminate Anti-Aging Eye Serum, with patent Liquid Crystals, the skin is revitalised and regenerated under the delicate eye area. Xcell Pure Medical Skincare chirally corrected anti-aging formula protects and repairs the skin while antioxidants boost moisture levels. There are no artificial colours, fragrances or parabens and are 100% natural.